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The Hamilton Spectator
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Health Canada's Campaign

We recently worked collaboratively with Health Canada on their new Palliative Care campaign. Check out the images you might see circulating on social media and the factsheet that includes three questions to ask your health care provider when you have been diagnosed with a serious illness. You can visit Health Canadas website here for more details. 

For the Public


For Health Care Providers

The awareness campaign also has materials for health care providers. We helped created a factsheet with 3 questions providers can ask themselves to make talking about serious illness with their patients easier. 



We were featured on CityNews! Watch the clip.

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Difficult Conversations Podcast

Hope for the Best, Plan for the Rest

The Cancer Assist Show

Hope for the Best, Plan for the Rest

The Cancer Assist Show

Changing the Way We Think About Palliative Care

Conversations About Advance Care Planning Podcast

Episode 17: The Waiting Room Revolution with Dr. Hsien Seow and Dr. Samantha Winemaker

Todays Leaders for Tomorrow's Future

The Social Evolution in Palliative Care with Hsien Seow

Coming of Age

The Future of Palliative Care

Lung Cancer Voices Podcast

Ep 36

Solving Healthcare

Empowering Patients & Families Facing Serious Illness with Drs. Hsien Seow & Samantha Winemaker

The Heart of Hospice

Making End of Life Care Better with Dr. Sammy Winemaker, Epi. 176


Hope For The Best, Plan For The Rest: Innovations in End-of-Life Care with Dr. Sammy

The LTC Chronicles

Dr. Hsien Seow & Dr. Samantha Winemaker- Talk on Palliative Care

MacPFD Spark Podcast

Ep. 28 Waiting Room Revolution with Dr. Hsien Seow


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McMaster University

"To many, palliative care is synonymous with the end of life. It’s often offered in the final weeks or months of life – when patients and their families are at their most vulnerable in the hopes of easing both the physical and emotional pain circling them near death"

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End-of-life care – Infusing the ‘person’ back into the ‘patient’

"Humans are uniquely individual. We are born with a set of genes and then our life experiences add colours to this exclusive palette. More than ever, this diversity is to be celebrated."

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Forbes Health

"Only one in three U.S. adults has an official plan in place for end-of-life care, according to research in Life Affairs[1]. Formalizing these details when you’re able to do so can make a world of difference for you and your loved ones down the line."

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"Winemaker, who cohosts The Waiting Room Revolution podcast that focuses on helping people deal with a serious illness, encourages physicians to be realistic with patients about their prognosis and deliver news with a dose of gentle truth from the start."

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Pallium Canada

"“Why didn’t anyone tell me this sooner?” After being asked this question by patients with serious illnesses or their family members in nearly every home she visited, palliative care physician, Dr. Samantha Winemaker, began to think about new ways to address the massive gap.."

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The Hamilton Spectator

"I met Gerry for the first time in his home. Gerry suffered from a non-curable progressive lung condition. For the past year, he was becoming increasingly breathless and was desperately hoping for a lung transplant. "

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Healthy Debate

"I miss my patients. I’ve been caring for people in their homes for 15 years as a palliative care physician. When the pandemic hit, like many of my colleagues, I converted my practice to virtual-based care. I have always struggled with technology, so I had to learn the bare minimum to continue to look after my patients."

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Toronto Star

"Time and time again, palliative-care physician Samantha Winemaker says she kept arriving at the same place.
Coming in at the “eleventh hour,” the Hamilton doctor would often find patients and families were still “in the dark” about their illness journey, despite how close they were to the end of their lives."

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McMaster University Brighter World

"When it comes to navigating the journey through serious illness, two McMaster doctors want to empower patients to take an active role in order to make the best choices at every juncture.
Hsien Seow, a palliative care researcher, and Samantha Winemaker, a palliative care physician, often hear from patients and families that they feel unprepared and overwhelmed by the health care system…"

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Finding Your Bliss

"On this episode of Finding Your Bliss, we have a show devoted to family caregivers- the unsung heroes of the healthcare system. This week, Bliss expert and Life Coach Judy Librach is joined by Dr. Samantha Winemaker, who is a graduate of McMaster University Medical School. Dr. Winemaker completed her residency training in Family Medicine, and fellowship training in Palliative Medicine.."

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